The Plus Kit seeks to make plus size clothing more accessible to those who need it. Many clothing stores still don’t carry anything larger than a US size 16, and many fashion brands don’t make larger sizes in the first place for retailers to carry. As a result plus size women are often left struggling to find clothing that is affordable and fits them well.

To help make this challenging task a bit easier, the Plus Kit pulls together data gathered across the internet to give plus size women a bird’s eye view of what clothing is available in their size. Robust filtering options make it easy to quickly hone in on just the stores that are relevant to your search.


Hi! I’m Christine, a plus size woman who designs and builds websites and apps for a living. I know firsthand how tough it can be to find the clothing you want and need as a plus size woman, so I made this site to try to help.


I originally conceived the Plus Kit as a restricted-access beta site in 2014, under the name Wanted & Found. The beta attempted to not only list stores, but individual items scraped from store websites, and included a map showing store locations in some regions of the USA.

After launching the beta, it became clear to me that maintaining the quality of the data was paramount. I decided to improve the data and user experience by implementing the sections of the site gradually, one by one, instead of trying to immediately maintain a much larger pool of data all at once. The first section to receive focus is the core database of stores publicly available on the site today.

As a result of this shift, the store-focused edition of The Plus Kit now includes shipping data to make the site functional for people outside of the United States. The store database has also expanded to over three times its original size and continues to grow.

Seeking your feedback, always

If you’re a plus size woman, do you have ideas about what would make the site work better for you? Do you have any thoughts at all about the site? Please feel welcome to contact the Plus Kit and speak your mind! User feedback is extremely welcome.


Please feel welcome to send a message if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns about the Plus Kit.